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One Million Mentors is a unique community-based mentoring system with one simple aim: to transform our society by connecting one million young people with one million opportunities.

This is social change… on a national scale.

1 simple idea.
1 great opportunity. life changed.
1 million new connections.

1MM’s online platform uses the latest technologies to train professionals as mentors, who are then digitally matched with young people over 18 years old. If under 18 years old mentors are matched to our youth partners (schools, colleges, universities, employment programmes and charities).

Why become a Mentor?

That’s simple – mentoring gives you the chance to use your experience and skills to help change a young person’s life. As a mentor you can inspire, support and motivate a young person; raise their aspirations; and encourage them to achieve their career goals. You’ll be giving something back that will really make a difference and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way while you do it.

Why become a Mentee?

A mentor can help you gain the skills, confidence and knowledge you need to take your next step in education or your career. Whatever guidance you need, your mentor will have years of work experience to provide you with the best support and advice. We know from the mentees we have worked with already that, as a result of the programme, you will be:
  • More confident
  • Better able to communicate with others
  • More aware of your personal skills and what you can do to improve these
  • More comfortable meeting different professionals
  • More aware of the options available to you

Above all, you will have developed an important relationship that could transform your future.

Many of us have benefited at some point in our lives from the encouragement or professional advice of family, friends or colleagues. Their support can help us make life-changing decisions. We want to ensure that all young people in the UK benefit from high-quality mentoring to help them prepare for the world of work. We believe the full potential of One Million Mentors could be transformational in increasing employability skills, unlocking new opportunities and networks, and promoting social mobility and social cohesion. 
Rushanara Ali MP & Alveena Malik Co-founders, One Million Mentors